Rented properties are never going to be 100% your dream home, but you can feel much more comfortable in them with a little home improvements . However, sometimes you can feel a bit lost, as you won’t be able to whip out the paint brushes and new tiles. Here are some easy ways to restyle any property:


If beige carpets or cheap laminate flooring isn’t your thing, invest in some large rugs to make the place your own. Whether you want to keep it minimal or choose an exotic design, rugs can really add an extra element of softness.

Use what’s already there

Your tenancy agreement may prevent you drilling holes into your walls, but if there are already nails there you can use them to hang photos. Alternatively, if there are some pictures hung that you really don’t like, swap them for your own and replace them just before you move out.


Some greenery can easily freshen up a room and create texture and layers. Whether you place large plant pots on the ground to cover up aspects of the room that don’t appeal to you or drape creeping vines that trail over your shelves, plants are a must when it comes to making a place feel more lived in.

If in doubt, ask

If you really want to do a spot of redecorating, check your tenancy agreement first and  make sure you get the all clear in writing from your landlord. You never know, they might be grateful that you’re going to retouch their walls or give the bathroom a new lease of life.

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