The Birmingham city rental market is changing with the emergence of brand new “Build To Rent” apartment schemes that offer tenants luxury living spaces which include a choice of furnishing packs, inclusive media and internet packages, luxury communal areas, state of the art gyms and even out door spaces for exercising their pets.

As a Birmingham city landlord, you will want your property to compete with the new competition and it is therefore important that you look to offer accommodation that is appealing as possible to prospective tenants.

The time has come for many Birmingham landlords to consider revamping their kitchens , bathrooms , floor coverings and furnishings.

To make a start with you may consider just redecorating your rooms, if you have no interior design experience. Here are a few of our top tips:

Avoid light colours

This might seem like the opposite of what everyone else is doing, but it is effective. Although many rental properties in the city are typically coloured in creams and magnolia to give an impression of space and brightness, the clean appearance isn’t always sustainable unless you are using wipe-clean matt paints . Light colours do have a tendency to become dirty easily and will show every little mark that occurs as a result of daily wear and tear. This means you’ll have to redecorate more often to keep your property looking clean and sharp. Consider using neutral colours such as browns and greys, and avoid using colours that make a space look gloomy and dark.

Floor Coverings

Many properties to rent in Birmingham are opting for laminate floorings in the living spaces and reception halls and landlords may also consider laminate floors in bathrooms and kitchens as a cheaper option to tiles. Tiles however will prove better in the long term. They’re more durable for one and can be kept clean to give a welcoming appearance.

Consider tax exemption

If you’re renovating your property with the purpose of letting it out, you may be able to claim back some tax. Keep records of the money you spend so that it’s quick and easy to submit an application, which may be successful and save you some money.

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